Welcome to Fifth Dimensional Design

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Boutique Hospitality, Brand Design, Experimental, Interior Design, The Society

A Bold Blueprint for Truly Distinctive Design

Everyone craves the unforgettable. We want to be stopped in our tracks, long for experiences that speak to our souls, and seek out opportunities for escape.

Great stories do just that. They’re timeless. They preserve the treasures of history and help transform the future. They define what we see and influence how we feel. Stories are discovered, shared, and cultivated – and they surround us. Stories shape Fifth Dimensional Design, and we’re taking that next step. Ready to come with us?

At The Society, design is story-centered. It’s inspired, addictive, and transformative. It pulls us in, transports us to places far away, and shifts the way we experience our lives.

Fifth Dimensional Design transforms stories into business strategy. It helps define the vision of what a property wishes to offer its guests and creates a magnetic focus for flawless execution, from concept to construction. Its power is unstoppable. It gives hotels, restaurants, and resorts more ambitious – and ultimately, more successful – futures. Simply put: We know people will pay a premium for a great story. (That’s right, we said it).

At The Society, we see stories everywhere. We’re a collective of designers, strategists, and collaborators devoted to creating unforgettable stories for hospitality projects by designing to the Fifth Dimension. We don’t know how to design any other way.

Stories are our passion. And with Fifth Dimensional Design, we’re creating bolder blueprints for truly distinctive hospitality experiences.