When something special and unexplainable happens, one might call it déjà vu. Or expanding consciousness. Others simply call it magic. And like any good magician, we aren’t going to tell you exactly how we pull our rabbit out of the hat.

What we can tell you is that it’s the collective power of many perspectives combined with gut instincts for fresh stories that make our designs inspired, addictive, and transformative. We connect each and every person who enters a space to a higher state of being. That’s what we are going for when we design to the Fifth Dimension.

Our creative process seeks intangible elements and deliberate decisions that spark wonder and discovery. Non-sequiturs to the non-initiated that build toward a cohesive ah ha. It’s not about hitting guests over the head with a narrative, because everyone’s life story affects how they perceive the world. We design so people get to choose their own adventures.

Hospitality design is about extracting the extraordinary, not sticking to the status quo. And if the Fifth Dimension isn’t extraordinary, we don’t know what is.