Design for Imagination

by | Oct 17, 2017 | Boutique Hospitality, Experimental, Interior Design, The Society

Stories allow our imaginations to be uninhibited and unrestrained. That is why stories define Fifth Dimensional Design. Hospitality guests are all seeking experiences – true, but cliché. As designers, can we give them more?

At The Society we believe we can – and must – give guests more than an experience. We inspire them to access emotions and desires that transport them from the mundane to the magnificent. Celebrity for a day? Conspirator in an adventure? Emotion is as much fiction as fact. Fiction can be a lot of fun. When we put stories at the center of design, we unlock opportunities for characters to write their own narratives.

Consider the difference between films and books. When was the last time someone said a movie was better than the book? (Never). Everyone loves a good film, but sometimes the medium is too prescriptive. Books, on the other hand, are open to interpretation. The reader paints the setting in her mind. She shapes characters based on her unique experiences. She develops her own perceptions of the plot. She decides how the story will be told.

Choose the book. Imagination lets the designer draw an outline that allows – even encourages – guests to fill in the blanks. Fifth Dimensional Design offers guests the chance to experience the story in any way they want.